About us

On our journey through Portugal, we felt deeply touched by the wild, natural surroundings and the calm way of living. In 2012 we picked up our yurts from the Netherlands, and created an ecoproject in a beautiful green valley in the Algarve. We had many visitors and volunteers from all over the world.

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This summer we travelled again. Together with Berenice and her family, we found a powerful place in the mountains in north Portugal. Close to the natural hot springs in the beautiful nature park Peneda-Gerês.


When I had my first encounter with a herd of donkeys in Portugal, it opened my heart. It was the start of a wonderful journey, learning to read the mesages the donkeys are giving us. I have been surprised many times by the straightforwardness and gentle way the donkeys accompany us.

In my work as a coach I use a variety of tools, like mindfulness, shamanic healing ceremonies, and systemic work.

Last summer I made a dream come true; a pilgrimage of 700km by foot from the South to the North of Portugal, with our donkey Tiago.

I have found guidance, healing, inspiration and connection with Spirit on my way. Through working and living with the donkeys, I have been able to listen more and more to my intuition and feel guided by the miraculous power of existence.

In our True Nature Experiences-project I offer:

  • Mindful Donkeywalks
  • Coaching with donkeys
  • Family Donkeywalks
  • Sharing Naturewalks
  • Riverbedwalk adventure
  • Coaching during the Walk in Beauty retreats
  • Together with Bas, the Parent & Child weeks


For me, Atma Janzu is a deeply touching experience in warm water, a great gift and I love to do this water work. I enjoy the gentle, loving connection and presence we can experience in a session and it is my pleasure to transmit the teachings of Water.

I love to share my knowledge about healing foods, inspired by and practicing the healing food plan developed by Anthony William. The physical, emotional and spiritual powers of fruit, vegetables and herbs are an ongoing passion. The discovery and gathering of wild herbs gives me strength. The beauty of the unconditioned and free is irresistable….

It makes me happy to use my creativity to create a healing environment and design products with sustainable natural materials.

On top of my wishlist is to create a chemical-free, sunheated, natural pool. To offer Atma Janzu sessions  in direct contact with nature and it’s divine powers. Using the crystal clear spring water from our source.

In our True Nature Experiences-project I offer:

  •  Atma Janzu sessions
  • Coaching during the Walk in Beauty retreats
  • Nourished by Nature retreats together with Berenice
  • Consultations on healing foods


As an Alexander Technique teacher and coach, I enjoy working with people who love to connect to their inner potential.

I grew up in the Allgäu mountains in the south of Germany. From here I went out into the world. When I lived for 2 years in Brazil with my husband and our 4 children, I felt strongly connected with Mother Earth as nowhere before. The water is my favorite element, here I can feel flowing and free.

The loving and clear nature of Rebeca and Mauricio Wild has brought me to the practice of non-directivity.
For several years I attended classes, while gaining my practical experience in a free school. The resulting image of humanity is the base for me, how children and adults can unfold in freedom.

I see life as an invitation to drop everything that is unnecessary to get closer to my true self.

In our True Nature Experiences-Project I offer:

  • Alexander Technique classes
  • Coaching during the Walk in Beauty retreats
  • Individual sessions on Being with children and Energy work
  • Together with Ykje the Nourished by Nature retreats


Touched by the beauty and power of nature in Portugal, I love to connect parents and children to eachother and with the magic of life. Together with Durk I offer the Parent & Child weeks.

I love to cook for retreats, practice walking meditation and have fulfilling conversations. Together with my 3 daughters I live in the Netherlands. As a webdesigner and communicator I work on raising the awareness in my local community in Fryslân in the north of the Netherlands, to inspire farmers, industry and institutions to work together on biodiversity and environmental issues.
I enjoy the diversity of my work, and the creative and flexible way of thinking that is requested.

Buddhism and non violent communication inspire me to connect with the deeper layers of life.
Together with Ykje and Durk, I worked on several design projects and we share our passion for conscious parenthood, nutrition and spirituality.

‘may all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all’