Alexander Technique – classes

by Berenice

The Alexander Technique is a development process in which you can recover your natural balance. It connects you to the original knowledge of how body and mind form a harmonious unity, providing effortless coordination in everything you do.

Come Home
my hands are inviting you, to remember the undisturbed, natural coordination of your body and mind.

Stop before you go
Let us create a space between impulse and reaction. When you take a short break and do not react immediately, freedom can arise.

Do it yourself
The Alexander Technique can be applied always and everywhere, you do not need any tools or equipment. It can be put it into practice in everything you do, and become a stable support of self-realization.

The lightness of being
The quality of each individual step is essential. Like this, we reach the goal by itself….. Once you’ve integrated the basics, you will see that things happen more easily – without having to put extra effort into it.

“When we stop doing the wrong thing, the right thing happens on its own” F.M. Alexander


Offered on our True Nature Experience-project. After your booking, we will provide you with helpful information on how to travel. If you have other questions, feel free to write us at


Please bring comfortable clothing and warm socks.

€ 50,- per hour

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“One aspect that really made a difference to me when working with Berenice, is her presence. She listened carefully and with her whole being. She engaged by naturally weaving information about the technique and by using subtle touch. It was easy to trust the work and therefore to feel what needed to happen within my body. I could experience pain with a sense of safety and curiosity. Berenice offered me very valuable intuitive remarks and she supported my process just-to-the-point. I took with me a deeper insight about myself and the work I do. Grateful that we met.”

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