Coachingsession with donkeys

with Durk

When there comes a moment in your  life, when you ask yourself the question: ‘Who am I?’ Or am I doing the things I love to do? What do I find really important?

And if you look back on your day in the evening, do you feel satisfied?

No simple questions, because as a child we have been given all kinds of values, norms and beliefs about life and about ourselves. These beliefs often determine your behavior, the choices you make and therefore the life that you lead. But are those beliefs about yourself correct? Who would you be without the thoughts you have about yourself? And what remains if you leave out everything you think others think is important?

You become truly happy if you live the life that suits you.
If we live from our hearts, bring our entusiasm for something into the world and touch others with it.

Donkeys are real heart openers

Donkeys respond in the ‘here and now’ to what they experience in their environment. If your feelings and behavior do not match, the donkeys will show this in their behavior. If you bring that back in line, they will immediately show a reaction. Donkeys can therefore make a particularly valuable contribution to people’s development process. They do this in a loving, unconditional and sometimes very humorous way.

In addition to interpreting the behavior of the donkeys, I work with the basic principles of P.R.I. (Past Reality Integration), systemic work and nonviolent communication. Methods that can help to give clarity about the core of the challenge and from there we can work on insight.

Please bring: sturdy shoes, waterbottle and protective clothes and hat against the sun.


Offered on our True Nature Experience-project. After your booking, we will provide you with helpful information on how to travel. If you have other questions, feel free to write us at

€ 70,- per 1,5 hours

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