Mindful Donkeywalk

with Durk

Here in Portugal, surrounded by a natural environment, in contact with the donkeys, you are invited to slow down. Being guided by the rhythm of the donkey, you easily forget about time. And as mind cannot function without time, an open space is waiting and miracles can happen.

Leave your familiar environment and connect with the power of nature. Sometimes a simple ceremony can help focus your attention on the present or mark your intention. For example showing gratitude in a way only you can do; sing a song, work on a natural mandala, speaking out loud an affirmation.

Every Walk is unique. All of us experience an expanded sense of freedom at times; when our awareness reaches out beyond ourselves and embraces the world around us. Walks have their roots in the oldest of human spiritual practices. Every step you take in peace provides the wellbeing of all creatures, close and far away.

You can bring a question or intention for this experience. Every subject is welcome. Usually these things come through your intuition. In other words; just take your first thought.

You are invited to help preparing the donkey’s for the walk. After getting acquainted we usually start by grooming the donkeys. Good for connection and a great grounding exercise!

In the surroundings of our True Nature Experience-project. After your booking, we will provide you with helpful information on how to travel. If you have other questions, feel free to write us at info@walkinbeauty.eu


6 hours.


Please bring sturdy shoes, water bottle, picknick and protective clothes or hat against the sun.

€ 150,- per 6 hours

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