A 7-day cleanse and introduction into healing foods

with Ykje and Berenice

Retreat – Nourished by Nature

When we connect to our bodies, learning to listen to symptoms and conditions, and give our bodies the nourishment it is yearning for, we can move health mountains. Tapping into the emotional and spiritual powers of fruit and vegetables becomes medicine. As we take in this medicine we begin to feel at one with the Mother who supports all of us, the earth. Hope and vitality begin to flow back to us and through us.

This week you can feel strengthened by the revitalising powers of the sun, deeply hydrated by fresh spring water, and energyzed by the natural surroundings.

Practicing the healing food plan developed by Anthony William we discovered a great improvement of our immunesystem, digestion and increasing energy levels. As we know it can be difficult to make major changes in food habits at home, we will support you to start the Healing Diet here.

Together we will make simple and delicious rawfood dishes. Beautiful salads, fruit smoothies and tasty healing juices. Without grains, dairy, eggs, sugar, salt and fats.

This is a very practical retreat, you will learn how to use a high speed blender and a slow juicer. Every day there will be inspiring workshops and we will visit the organic farm Ciparros. To harvest the vegetables they grow for us, and collect wild herbs.

Included in this retreat are:
3  raw meals a day, herbal teas, herbal supplements, detox smoothies and cleansing beverages.

Daily workshops about:
– How to grow sprouts and microgreens on your kitchen countertop.
– How to make fresh vegetable juices and fruit smoothies.
– How to prepare cellery juice, the exeptional healing support.
– How to make a detox smoothie to eliminate heavy metals and pollutants.
– The importance of growing your own foods.
– The benefits of picking organic fruits and vegetables.
– How to bring in more fruits and vegetables into your diet with easy-to-follow recepes.
– Find and use wild foods that can be beneficial for you.

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Retreat dates 2019:

  • arrival 4th of  September, depature 12th of September.
  • arrival 18th of September, departure 26th of September.

Offered on our True Nature Experience-project. After your booking, we will provide you with helpful information on how to travel, what to bring and daily schedules. If you have other questions, feel free to write us at info@walkinbeauty.eu 

€ 770,-

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“The most effective medicines do not come from pharmacies – they come from nature.” – Anthony William

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