Experience – Riverbed walk adventure

with Durk

The starting point of the walk is along the Arade river, located in the Naturepark Peneda-Gerês.

We jump from stone to stone, find our path along the riverbed, wade through splattering streams, swim through crystal clear pools, and arrive after 1,5 hrs at the impressive 40 mtr. high Tahiti cascade. This beautiful waterfall ends in a clear and serene lagoon with sandy shores. Here we will enjoy a our picnic and you can take mega-shower under the waterfall!

Suitable for well coordinated children from 10 years, accompanied by an athletic parent.

Please bring a bathingsuit, waterbottle, picknick, sunhat and watershoes.

The price is for 1 child and an adult; for families the price is on request.


After your booking, we will provide you with helpful information on how to travel. If you have other questions, feel free to write us at info@walkinbeauty.eu and let us know how we can help!

*This adventure can be challenging, and we are there to accompany you. Nevertheless, we ask you to take full responsibility for your body and wellbeing and that of your child.

€ 50,- per 3 hours

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The adventurous river walk with Durk to the Tahiti waterfalls was an absolute highlight on our trip. The nature was breathtakingly beautiful, partly jumping over rocks, partly climbing over rocks or swimming we reached our reward after about 2 hours, a cool down directly at the beautiful waterfall in the crystal clear water.

Marion and Claudia