Yurt Kyrgyzstan

This beautyful authentic yurt from Kyrgyzstan is suitable for 4 persons. It is decorated with original handmade colorful felt art. This spacious yurt is perfect for a family holiday in the mountains.

It is equipped with a comfortable double sofa bed, 2 antique single beds with organic Cocomat mattresses, and organic bedlinen. It has a cupboard, solarlamps, table and stools and outside you can find a shady dining table.

The original Swiss tile stove will keep you warm on chilly evenings in spring or autumn. To curl up and relax after an action-packed day.

When hunger strikes, there is a shared outdoor kitchen that comes with a stove and a solar oven, as well as a shaded picnic area for al fresco dining during the balmy summer months.

Bedsheets, duvets and towels.

For bookings in 2020, please contact us through email: info@walkinbeauty.eu

€ 60,- per night or
€ 400,- per week

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We have been in paradise for a few days. On top of a mountain. Sometimes we literally looked at the clouds, turning pink as the sun went down. Not luxury as we know it, but luxury that went so much deeper: silence, real, real silence. Green as far as you looked. And water, purer than we ever tasted, straight from the mountains. The pace was lower there. You were invited to be. Just to be. To experience, to taste, to fully experience nature. Be in the moment with what you do. Mindfull life, but without a course. Automatically, because the landscape gently takes you into it.
Take a shower, for example. Normally not that special. Tap on, shower, ready. But here! Only on day four did I decide to take a shower. Boiling water in the outdoor kitchen. Meanwhile, look at the mountains. Drink tea. Then pour the hot water into the shower bucket. Mix with cold. Lifting. Turn on the tap. And ah …. Never enjoyed this so intensely… something as simple as a hot shower! – Celine, Netherlands

Celine from The Netherlands

It is a great place to slow down and connect with itself and with nature. It’s an amazing experience, away from tech stuff we forget time just enjoying the breeze through the oaks and the sky full of stars at night. The hosts are very kind and gentle and shared precious insights with us.

Ricardo from Lissabon

We spent a wonderful time with our three children in this unique atmosphere of the Yurt. It was a really glamping experience for us 5 😉 It´s near from Vieira do Minho and the dirt road to the property is easy to do with a regular car. The Yurt is bigger than we expected, beautifully decorated and warm. A real Kazakhstan´s Yurt with a lot of hand made details and very well decorated with bed, sofa bed, table, furniture and a wonderful stove that warmed up us during the night, everything is very well balanced and cozy (also a very nice book collection is in it). It was a wonderful experience for the children to be so close to the nature and the 2 donkeys that live in property. Wild horses live in nature very near and it´s easy to find then when you take a walk in that area. Everything you need is there, the hosts are very nice and always available. It was a great experience for us city dwellers and we will definitely do it again. Thank you so much Durk and Ykje 🙂

Nuno from Lisbon

The Yurts are big, beautifully decorated, very cozy and comfortable, which means you will get all the rest you need in them. But that’s not the only great experience you’ll find when staying in Durk and Ykje’s property. The property is situated on the top of a mountain, only surrounded by other mountains, which makes it a great place to remember how intimate we actually are (or should be) with nature. We often forget how our actions reflect on nature, but it takes a day at the Yurts to remember. There, everything is thought to be sustainable: from the composting bathroom (which is very comfortable, clean and smell-free) to the bath, where you should use a biological soap because the water goes right back into the soil. Durk, Ykje and their family are wonderful people who are always there to help and share interesting thoughts. Thanks a lot for the whole experience, we’ve had a wonderful time and plan to be back as soon as possible!

Diogo from Curitiba, Brazil